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Use Soolve free search tool to discover trending keywords from various search engines

What is Soolve?

Soolve is an online tool for searching suggested and similar keywords from various search engines at the same time. It provides fast keywords suggestion for up to 15 search engines at the same time.

Is Soolve free?

Yes! Soolve is 100% free to use.

Who Soolve is good for?

Soolve is a great tool used by PPC and SEO professionals. It saves time by searching at multiple search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ebay, etc.) without needing to open a new window.

How to find trending topics using Soolve?

Soolve helps you to find what similar keywords that are trending on various search results pages. Together with the Trends Everywhere platform, you can determine what is the tredning index for each keywords suggested by Soolve.

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